Jim Linzey is a first rate scholar and academics is integral to his life. Sholarship is about the relentless pursuit of truthfulness and accuracy, and many of his speeches, sermons, lectures, and writings such as books, articles, and most notably his Bible translation work in the Modern English Version and the New Tyndale Version reflects this vital aspect of his life and thinking.

But Jim is also a professionally trained singer in all areas of vocal work which he takes very seriously. He prefers to focus on Patriotic, Southern Gospel, Country Gospel, and Sacred--or what is requested of him at any specifi event. He has studied mainly under Jack Coleman and a variety of coaches before him.

Jim recorded 'A Heart of Love' which he co-wrote with Paul Linzey. It was included on the album 'When the World Turns to God' which was on the ballot for the 1996 Dove Awards' Special Event Album of the Year. He has two full albums to his credit and has been invited to produce more. 'Narrow Road,' produced by Chuck Girard, and 'You Were Always There,' produced by Robb Tripp are his albums. He has also participated on 'Oh Blessed Jesus' by Verna Linzey, with Triumphant and Sisters. Jim's un-recorded hymns are 'Each Step I Take' and a number of others.

Media appearances include:

- TBN, "Behind the Scenes" with Paul Crouch, Sr., and "Praise the

       Lord" with Ron Luce.
- Daystar Television Network
- God's Learning Channel
- Vision Channel
- Son Broadcasting Network
- Christian Broadcasting Network: As shown in footage from    

       National Bible Week 2009, reading Scripture
- FOX News, "The Glenn Beck Show," as shown in footage from
       National Bible Week 2010, reading Scripture 
Jim served as a military chaplain for 24 years, retiring with an Honorable Discharge in 2009. Assisgnments included:

- Command Chaplain, supervising the religious program for the
       largest Mobilization and Demobilization mission in the
       continental U.S. in 2003-2004, which was at Fort Bliss, Texas
       at the time. 
 - First full-time chaplain for the US Army Cadet Command's
       Leader's Training Course (2006).
- Command Chaplain, Cluster III, Operation Noble Eagle II,
       Headquartered at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico,
       under the department of Homeland Security, supervising the
       religious program for deployed USAF Airman and Soldiers at
       12 installations in the Southwest (2002-2003).
- Chaplain, Officer Candidate School, Western Region, Army
       National Guard (2002).

Jim was part of several groups, primarily including the following:

- The Linzey's, a Southern Gospel duo, featuring his mother
       Verna Linzey as the lead singer, and Jim
- The Jericho Road Quartet, in which Jim sang baritone. 

Who Jim has opened for include:

- 5th Dimension (Chino, 1994)
- Emotions (Chino, 1994)
- Ray Price (Del Rio, 1997)
- Jimmie Rodgers (Southern California, 2015)
- Chuck Girard (Corona, 1994)
- Andrew Culverwell (Corona, 1994)
- And many others

He has performed for National and State Conventions, church and military. He assemblied and directed the US Army Soldier's Choir, at Fort Lee, Virginia, touring the State of Virginia, performaing for installation-wide events, including the Commanding General's annual "Christmas Banquet," Change of Command ceremonies, and Installation Prayer Breakfasts.

Jim performs in uniform for patriotic events upon request.

A graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, Jim is the Chief Editor, Executive Director, and Owner of the  Modern English Version Bible translation, and the Chairman of the Committee on Bible Translation. He is the General Editor of theNew Tyndale Version Bible translation, and Chairman of the Committee on Bible Translation for the NTV as well, which is now being completed. He also served as the General Editor of The Military Bible by Military Chaplains , and The Presidents' Bible by Military Chaplains. He authored the book Moral Leadershp and books on the Holy Spirit. He wrote prayers for each of the Armed Forces with metric structure.

Jim is currently the State Chaplain for the California Military Officers' Association of America.

References are gladly provided on this page to download. PR material is on the PR page.

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Sample of Comments Through the Years

“On December 9, 1996 in Washington, D.C., Chaplain, Captain Jim Linzey gave an outstanding performance for the National Association of Evangelicals Commission on Chaplains at the annual Centurion Award Dinner. Jim’s singing is superb, his character above reproach, and we can highly recommend him for any church, chapel or concert event.”
– Chaplain (COL) James A. Edgren (Ret.)
Executive Director, National Association of Evangelicals

“I commend you not only because of your vocal talent, but also because of your efforts to remind us that our freedoms were not easily gained.”
– Pete P. Gallego, Representative
State of Texas, House of Representatives

“As the Chairman of the 2011 Leadership Summit at the Heritage Foundation, I would like to say that Dr. Linzey’s speaking ability and personal integrity are outstanding. I highly recommend Dr. Jim Linzey for any church, organization, or event.”
– William Owens
Chairman, 2011 Leadership Summit, Heritage Foundation

“What a wonderful affair, the attention to detail, the great atmosphere and talented Choir led by Chaplain Linzey from the 244th QM Bn made it a memorable evening.”
– Major General Hawthorne L. Proctor
Quartermaster General, Fort Lee, VA

“On behalf of the Mayor and Common Council of the City of San Bernardino, I offer my thanks and appreciation to Chaplain, Captain Jim Linzey… Jim is an outstanding individual. He is a personable, dedicated Christian of flawless character and I recommend Captain Linzey to any person, agency or organization and wish him unencumbered success in his future endeavors.”
– Philip A. Arvizo
Executive Assistant to the Council
San Bernardino, CA

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