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Area Covered: Southern California, Souther West, Mid-West, the Great Nation of Texas, North West, Great Plains, The South, the Eastern Sea Board, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 
Vocal Coach: Jack Coleman, and others previously.
Music Type: Patriotic, Southern Gospel, Sacred, Classical, Country & Western, Bluegrass, Middle-of-the Road.
Fees: Free of charge. Long distances requires expenses be paid. 
Product Sales: We prefer to sell product afterward if feasible.


PA System: one appropriate for singing and music.
CD Player: for accompaniment tracks, or MP3 player as an alternative. Please make sure your compter does not slow down that is your mode of playing tracts.
Stage Floor Monitors: if possible. 
Upright Microphone Stand & Microphone. 
Sound Technician.
Two Tables: if possible for product sales and one or two assistants.


For Patriotic Concerts, this is merely an idea to assist in your event

American Flag: a large American flag hanging or standing. 
Military Flags: some churches like to have military flags.
You may have your own stage setting, but this is certainly not a requirement.

Public Relations

These also are merely ideas to assist in your event.

Newspaper: free or low-cost briefs in local paper. 
Photo & Biography: some newspapers can use these.
Announcements: at ministers' fellowships or professional associations. 
Radio: free public service announcements are possible.
Posters & Flyers: in high visibility spots at church or locally.

For Patriotic Concert 

The patriotic concert is comprised of songs that are patiotic, and promote faith, promote love of God and Country, family values, and traditional American values,  Jim briefly shares a few lines between songs so that the audience can feel that they got to know him, to share his faith and life experiences, and to introduce each song. Any song that is not appropriate for your patriotic concert can be deleted. Jim would be very glad to tailor a concert to suit your church or venue. 

Proposed Patriotic 

Jim's propsed patriotic concert currently includes the following selections, which can be revised as per the host pastor's desires: 

  1. Oh Shenandoah
  2. Ballad of the Green Beret
  3. Long Black Train
  4. Going By the Book
  5. Sunday Morning Coming Down (The Life of a Military Veteran)
  6. I Am a Man of Constant Sorrows
  7. Coat of Many Colors
  8. Supper Time
  9. One Day At a Time
  10. Teach Your Children
  11. Are You Washed in the Blood of the Lamb
  12. A Song to Mama
  13. Put Your Hand in the Hand
  14. What a Wonderful World
  15. Blue Skies
  16. God Bless the USA

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